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Training Sencha ExtJS, Sencha Touch, Sencha Architect



Tailored to Your needs.


Convert Your ideas into an application



Your ideas converted into an app that answers the needs of Your customers.


Convenience and flexibility



Comfortable, rich and flexible applications available on multiple operating systems and browsers.


Mobility at Your fingertips



Your information available on the screens of smartphones and tablets as well as on PCs.


Clear reports



Your data in a readable, clear form.





Familiar, comfortable maps, export data in convenient formats, printing directly from the page – offer Your clients what they need.


Training Lotus Notes



To increase the efficiency of Your work.


Lotus Notes databases



Tailored to Your needs.


ExtDesk – portal for You

Virtual portal running on web browsers of multiple operating systems is a perfect place for Your apps. Ready environment with administrative modules and customization options based on Sencha ExtJS is the right choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and flexible tools for the implementation of business ideas.

Check it out!


Operating systems



Users management

Ready to manage users and access to the modules.

Modular design

Each module open in a separate window.

Multilanguage support

Support for the use of multiple languages.


Clean, legible charts.


Available popular and easy to use maps.

Export data

Exporting data in popular formats.

Predefined print templates

Prints displayed forms and tables or uses predefined templates..

User preferences

Many configuration options allow to conveniently set up own working environment.

Audio, video

Presenting audio and video materials.


I offer conducting a full application development process – from collecting and analysing of business requirements to the commissioning.

1Map of needsMaking a list of needs on the basis of business requirements.businessman237
2Process descriptionDescribing of a process that meets business needs.plan2
3ProjectPreparing an application project, its structure, appearance and functionality on basis of process description.mobile209
4Data sourcesPreparation of data sources for application.three128
5CommunicationStarting communication between the application and data sources.storage24
6Building the appProgramming an application on the basis of previously collected information.binary10
7TestsTesting the application using test scenarios that simulate normal use.interface1
8CommisioningCommisioning - making the app available to customers.checkered12
9SUCCESS !!!Well done !achievement1